Visit Vinterviken

18 March 2011
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This is the place where Alfred Nobel founded his world wide empire, and built the very first factory that produced dynamite, Nitroglycerin AB, 1865.

Experience the incredible story about an amazing man, who in spite of suffering from bad health throughout his life, managed to become one of the world’s most successful inventor and businessmen.

After half an hour boat trip with the Ferry M/S Movitz from Stockholm’s city, you will arrive at a bay in the lake of Mälaren, called Vinterviken. Vinterviken is the cradle of Alfred Nobel’s empire and the birth place of the famous Nobel prize. Here we will guide you through one of the most dramatic industrial event of our time which took place here between the years 1865 – 1920.

1. Machine hall from as seen from the lake 2. The chimney behind is the only one of three that still exists 3. Machine hall

What made Alfred Nobel believe in the possibilities of developing and taming “the blasted oil” oil Nitroglycerine, an element of highly explosive nature and considered far too risky to handle?

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What was the workers working and living conditions in a time when neither environmental oraganizations or trade associations existed

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Alfred Nobel the inventor, business tycoon and private person

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